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Catch The Vision

The word VISION used here in Proverbs is from the Hebrew word Chazown. It is used 35 times in the Bible and the King James Version always translates it as vision. Some translations put it a little differently but vision seems to be the most popular way to translate the Hebrew word Chazown. The root word of Chazown is Chazah and means – to perceive or contemplate. From reading the full text, it is generally understood that the meaning is: man must embrace the guidance of God in their lives – or perish!

Perish!      It sounds so final!

It is final because there is no escape from it – it is death – the bell rang and it’s over! Is that what we can expect as the non white flood pours into our country? It is estimated that 100 million non whites will land on the welcome mat of America’s front door over the next 30 years.
And they are hungry!
Is dinner ready?
Most white people, still don’t get it! It is difficult for them to wrap their brain around the concept and what it will mean for their children or their grandchildren. Their sensitivity has been made numb by television, schools and the church which has convinced them that it really doesn’t matter. This mass deception has thoroughly penetrated and corrupted the ability for critical thinking causing people to repeat inane nonsense as if it were the Wisdom of Solomon.
“Diversity is our Strength”
“Guns cause violence”
“There is no such thing as race”

The Bible states men love darkness instead of light. And that is certainly self-evident as we look upon the state of our nation and our country. Keep this in mind.  Our nation is our people. Our country is the political system which rules over this land mass on the North American continent and politically known as the United States of America. This political system is not the same political system created in 1787 at the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia. Though it uses the same name and symbols,  the political system of 1787 followed the moral principles of the Ten Commandments and understood the ideals of our God given rights. The current political system embraces ideals, teachings and concepts that are completely foreign to our values, morals and justice. What is evil has now been called good and that which is good is now called evil.

Where will it end?

I have written on this before and it is my hope that you will reflect on what I have counseled you on in the past.   Demographers have shown us that there is a migration of white people moving into the heartland of America. Do you understand that we are seeing the rebirth of our nation. This is going to continue over the next 20 or 30 years. We are seeing this current corrupt system steadily decay. Morally, politically and financially it is not sustainable. That is the reason why I am so excited about the opportunities this school is going to provide, allowing us to grasp the challenge which has been given us.