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This is going to be an enormous undertaking. We have gathered some of the most brilliant and experienced leaders to give guidance for this HOLY mission of White Christian Revival. You should be impressed! But alone, I can’t make it work – only WE can make it work!

We need your help! We need men and women who have a love for “our nation” not in words only – but a love for “our nation” in their heart – in their gut and in their soul! I hope that’s you!
We need people who are willing to sacrifice to make this happen. With your help we have built lodging for men and women and  now we are moving into the next phase of our project. We are building a library, additional classrooms, and a multi-media center.  We are at the beginning of a new year and many of you are getting your refund checks in the mail. I know it could be tough for some of you, but we need to stop for a moment and put some value on our people and consider whether safeguarding the existence of our people, and providing a future for our children is worthy of what ever sacrifice we make now.

If you absolutely can’t find a way to match the suggestion of $1000 or even $500 then any amount will help. But certainly most of you – through a little sacrifice – can arrange to provide at least $500 over the next 6 or 7 months. We are being given a tremendous opportunity. We are in a position to make history and create the kind of leadership that will secure blessings for our people and not damnation.
I ask for your prayers and your partnership in this endeavor. Please contact me at 870-427-3414 if you are interested in supporting this ground breaking endeavor.