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Introduction to School Curriculum

From the wide range of instructors student will gain the tools to become an effective spokesperson for our people. We have a widely respected faculty staff who can offer each student insights into today’s perplexing problems from their own personal and unique perspective.

It is not our intention to make carbon copies, but to help each student tap into their  natural leadership abilities. Each of you will return to your homes with the information needed to become a person of influence in business, community or local politics.


1) America’s Changing Political climate
2) Balkanization (building a pathway for a new nation)60
3) Community leadership
4) Building a new nation on historic principles
5) Communication methodology
6) Participation and recruitment at many levels
7) Protecting and developing yourself — financial guidelines
8) Changing concepts and how they affect our political struggle.
9) The need of traditional values in building a new nation
10) Establishing white consciousnesses in a modern society
11) Leadership –  Activist leaders and leaders in the shadows
12) Projecting image
13) What is propaganda and how to use it effectively